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Thursday, November 30, 2006

how humanity differs from other life forms

Hello, i hope you find this observation interesting.have any of you noticed something that is quit unique only to the human species,mankind is as far as i know the only entity that seeks out pain,pain in many forms.I am forced to conclude, that this type of behavior,as far as i know,is only common to this species,other forms of life ,and i will narrow it down to only the sentient forms,for quick comparison,i,e mammals,are not that stupid!They avoid pain!On observation, of the self administration of pain,in all forms,made me conclude, that humans don;t like themselves.why you might be asking yourself?why?well i am only making an observation ,and would appreciate a differant point of view, if anyone reading this has one,well, i think we expect to much from ourselves,we see ourselves as inperfect,and that leads to self loathing.Thus people perform bizarre things to their bodies,from cutting,hanging,burning,seeking out relations with people they know will hurt them, and the friends we are not perfect,why even i;me not perfect,there is one concelation tho,that being that?we can as im doing now, passing on my theory to you,through a device that could reach many people,and have a ,i hope healing effect,lets be good to ourselves,we get enough pain from life,and need our strength.SHINE ON my fellow tavellers,remember the perimiter,it has no stars to guide us home.GIANFRANCO FRONZI nov.30/2006.

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