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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Thursday, November 30, 2006


hello,whomever, Observation, It;s unfortunate that we are forced to travel this journey through life alone,we can console all we want,but we still cannot feel another persons pain or what the persons experience or intelligence is,so we are automatically forced to assume ,assumption based on your personal characters ,can be distorted because you don;t usually update or review this area of your psyche,well you should ,real maditation,isn;t sitting in some weird position and humming a note in you head,it involves taking the time to recapitulate the days events and how you managed them and how you can correct any mistakes that your soul and your intellect,feel are due for correction,if you do what has just been said, you will start to notice that your life will start to slowly change,because you are prepairing your system,for future experience,as you continue this practice,your actually doing a defragmentation of your hard drive,it will start to work faster and you will be able to asses your directories faster.THEN AS YOU CONTINUE THIS PROCESS IT ACTUALLY SPEEDS YOUR WHOLE SYSTEM UP TO THE POINT THAT,AND I KNOW IT'S HARD TO BELIEVE, BUT I'M NOT TALKING OF THE CUFF HERE,YOU WILL ACCESS A SYSTEM THAT IS ACTUALLY INCORPORATED IN YOUR SYSTEM,IT MAY HAVE MANY NAMES TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC,BUT WHAT IT CAN PERFORM IS WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO PASS ON ,YOU WILL ACTUALLY REACH A POINT WHERE YOU CAN ,ACCESS THE FUTURE,READ OTHER PEOPLES AND OTHER LIFE FORMS ,SYSTEMS, AND FEEL THE FORCE THAT IS GIVING YOU THE WHOLE PROGRAM.What i have just given you is something to believe in.GIANFRANCO FRONZI NOV/30 2006 THANK YOU,GOOD BYE.

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