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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Mr Puffer ,thank you for the addition,its obvious that you too, are experienced,with differing, planes of existence.But for all you mothers out there, kids don;t try this at home because we are trained professionals.i can perceive your angle quit well ,most people have their little helper, it makes them who they are, without the addition they would not be enhanced to where they are most comfortable, we are a constantly evolving organism ,on this planet, these substances ,are also here for some reason,well there hear for you to find,to adjust yourself,so that,if i may coin pink floyd,"become comfortably numb ". I will stray from this topic and start to give hopefully, some inspiration on social topics,i would stay tuned if i were you,but if anyone has something to add,please feel free, but don;t be a complete asshole ,just a regular one will do. FRONZ nov/29/06 be happy, keep shining ,or get the fu out.

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