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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Hello,whomever reads this,upon observations,from expieriance,and investigation, i have concluded that reality,is assembled and constructed for us,and the only reason we all percieve the same world,is because we are all on this channel,just like television, reality is being sent to us,we then recieve it by special receivers incorporated in our body,such recievers being ,the endocrine system ,and also the basic senses ,such as ,your eyes,that is why people don't always perceive the same thing, the same way,because how our personal system is formatted,denotes how we will percieve reality.Now we can change our perception,by introducing external compounds,which most exist naturally on this planet,to change your perception ,and without any other interferance,view reality from a different plain,people that use these ,perseption selectors,live on many planes of existance.That is why younger people that are still in the process of developing what they still don't understand,should not use the channel changers, until they are secure with the reality they are given to start with.Some people are afflicted by horrible reality receiver inbalances,that keep them shifting from one reality to another,example schizofrenia,and the likes,chemical and sensery imbalance,a horrible existance,that has to be delt with by additions of other chemical assemblies, or therapys. To master many plains of existance,is the key to ,our next step in evolution,with these tools ,,,and chemicals,are only one format,we can actually change, not only the way we percieve reality, but reality itself,just like a computer programer does to a pc system.There is always tho, the common reality that all creatures perceive,they might not see it in real time, but it flickers before their eyes ,whether the want to see it or not,this is the cosmic conciousness,the gut feeling we all have for what is right,and tangable,to tap into this, instead of ones ego,brings the entity to a point where it lives in the truth ,and the truth cannot be changed,it's the only constant that stays the same, here or ten million light years from here,it never changes ,it may be disguized or influanced by entities who feel threatend by it, but its still unchangable,this is the only real thing in our existance. thank you GIANFRANCO FRONZI NOV28/06

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Puffer said...

I have alays said thatLife is an ilusion in which we create our own reality so by adding differant external compunds we a once again the masters of our own destiny it is just through experimentation that we come up with the right chemical,social, and physical cocktail that works for us unless the so called spin doctor of the world figure you are a bad machine and then start experimenting on you adding there own concotions to the mix that will make you acceptable to there norms and standards so you can function in their society if not you will be teated as a virus of society and they will find a way quarentine or destoy you so you are no longer a threat to their so called plains of existance