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Thursday, March 8, 2007


Hello, perimeter pop tarts,duties,to us regular people,and we know, who you are and aren't.Are another form of religion, almost ,with all the duties, being the ten commandments.Duty,is almost a response,so i went and found a dictionary,duty ,in [funk and wankells].....[THAT WHICH ONE IS MORALLY OR LEGALLY BOUND,TO DO;OBLIGATION?]IT ALMOST IS AN UNSEEN ,UNDER STUD BEHAVIOR,RESPONSE ,AMONGST MOST SPECIES,ON THE PLANET ,IN SENTIENT LIFE FORMS ANYWAYS.BEING,able to detach your selfe from your duty ,is almost is a sin,but yet we all do some of it ,hey we need rest.fronz/8/3/07

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Anonymous said...

hi fronz ,man if i could just live one minute in your shoes ,you are the absolutely vitrios man,you would defenately get my outmost respect,so im going to put on these knee pads,and make you happy person!ha ha ha fronz just chekin