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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Thursday, March 1, 2007


Hello, PERIMETER POTATOES,sentient,it means capable of knowing reality,with the ability to interact with other sentient beings.WE for example are sentient,the only factor in our relation to other beings, including other humans,is that we only care about ourselves,personally.Other life forms ,who we denote to be of a lesser development ,are not so cavalier about their relationships,they take life very seriously,no fooling around.WE kill for sport,we don't really care when something dies,including other humans,why some people don't even care when family dies.The wolf cries when the moose dies, and the moose cries when the wolf dies,their inter connection well understood by both parties,nothing is done for sport.Because we have this superiority complex ,we have become one of the most dangerous ,and perverse creature, on the planet.Every year i read in the paper about a millionaire who buys the only license to take Alberta's mountain goat,this man puts the creature in his rifle sights,and pulls the trigger,on an empty cartridge,thus saving the goat ,every year,lets hope this man lives a long life and prospers, because he deserves it.Not all people are like this man,who prefers to stay anonymous.We as humans,differ only from animals ,by the fact that we can create something that doesn't already exist,our relation to them, leaves us in a very accountable and questionable position,to not feel this ,is inhuman and will be part of your reassessment at the moment of truth.fronz march 1 /07

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