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Saturday, March 10, 2007


Hello,perimeter pressure cookers,you know i went to see a movie last night, because the true account of what the movie was trying to depict interested me,it was called was the account of three hundred Spartans, who held of what some ancient historians record to have been a Persian army of possibly over a million,warriors,and war machines,all i can say is ,Spartans rock.That impression of honour and duty,it just doesn't fit any longer does it, in the me; world of today,and the account was well recorded, and these men actually,well like that kid farting with the tanks in Tienanmen square,they took on the impossible.As i was back home rehashing the movie,i recalled talking to a lady who was quit unsatisfied with her husband , it seems to be quit the topic with women ,what came over me was the lyrics to an old song,i repeated the lyrics to the lady,to see her reaction,but i didn't sing it ,i formed each lyric as a serious questions,first was : does he want to be a young man ,with the wisdom of an old man?Which she quickly responded, with a matter of fact ,yea!Second ,does he want his home and security,and also live like a sailor at sea?Again a thought opening ,yea!Then i broke into song ,[beautiful loser]when ya gonna fall,when you realize,. you just can't have it all ,at that point she realized what i was doing,using bob seagers song to show her an affliction that haunts most men,well those Spartans ,i don't think they had that affliction,they took life very seriously.To the point that they would all die,rather than just do one thing,all Xerxes the great Persian king wanted was for the spartan king,to just kneel,that's all,every spartan died at that geographic anomaly.I think this is what women expect,from men,well I'll tell you ladies there is few of us left.fronz march/10/07

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