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Sunday, March 18, 2007


Hello,PERIMETER PROCRASTINATORS,YES LADIES AND GENTLEMAN,the vote is in and for the innumerable time ,'MONEY' , COMES IN NO'1 AGAIN.Woh ,wait a minute just imagine that there was no unions,or civil rights, or for that matter no morale rights,to force anyone to give and maintain you as an employee,this is probably the scenario before the twentieth century.I'll bet you became very creative,and hungry,making a buck was a little harder.But is this not what we have been striving for?To live in a society where life is easier,and everyone [at least in north America],is taken care of.WHY when i was young predictions were that machines would be doing all our chores and business ,while we laid back watching judge Judy all day.It's still not quit to that point,when your ability to be creative dies, you go with it,so don't flick that channel ,read this blog,i give 18/mar/07 fronz

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