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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

am i missing something

Hello, perimeter printplayers,tell me ,and i would like feed back on this,but isn't there something about nuclear produced electricity that,well shall we say doesn't jive?Nuclear reaction is used to create steam,which then turns the turbines ,steam?all that bull for steam,that proves man doesn't consider mechanics at all when he is handed a new toy ,the best part is catch this ,at the back of each nuclear elec. plant there is two or three or four jet turbines,that run on clean and smooth kerosene,in case of nuclear failure,these jet turbines ,about the size of a Lear jets, can produce electricity faster more efficiently, and with less pollution and handling,than the idiotic nuclear system they are backing up ,excuse me ,the asshole count is razing.If this is progress you've missed the nuclear boat.fronz/april/4/07

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you got something ther fronz