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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Thursday, April 5, 2007


Hello ,is there anybody in there ,do you think that you can hear me ,is there anyone home?Common get up, i hear that you've been feeling down, well i can ease your pain get you on your feet again.
There is no pain you are receding ,a distant ship smoke on the horizon,you are only coming in ,in waves,your lips move, but i can't hear what your saying,when i was a child i caught a fleeting glimpse,out of the corner of my eye,i turned to look but it was gone ,i cannot put my finger on it now,the dream is gone the child has grown,I've become comfortably numb.[pink Floyd].
This certain parable, by the masters of enigmatic lyrics,PINK FLOYD,seems to give a glimpse of what the furious rush of youth ,becomes ,or has to become, to face what seeing life through adult eyes,has to acclimatize ,the human animal,the creature that creates what doesn't already exist,and then spends the rest of his life,wondering,and blotting out,the recurring vision of how, where you end up is not ,the glimpse you caught as a child,so you've got to become comfortably numb!FRONZ/on the perimeter,still no stars,April/5/07


Mr.P said...

O to be able to look at life through the vieled innocence of childhood little did we know what the future would bring and cruel realities of ageing not so gracefully at times Mr.P

Dave said...

Going thru school we heard stories that began with "once upon a time" and ended with "and they lived happily ever after".
What a disapointment.
The once upon a time I can grasp but as for living happily ever after, I'm a bit perplexed.
Our relentless pursuit of perfection and a hedonistic life style has led us to squander our most valuable and irreplacable asset.....time. You know, time flowing like a river, to the sea until it's gone forever.
We were taught the 3 Rs but never once were we taught what happens when you end up in a rut trying to keep up with the Jones'.
You get caught up in a vicious circle because the Jones' are always trying to out do everyone else. Do you see the picture here?
School didn't express upon me the TAX part of life's equasion. I didn't know the government was allowed to take money that didn't belong to them. I didn't know I was responsible and to blame for Slavery, starvation in Africa, the AIDs crisis, the willfully unemployed Indian issues and everybody else with a problem.
We live in a system that requires one to trade time for money or facsimile thereof. Many people end up broke on money and short on time. What's worse is we end up swapping what little time left for what we hope will be more money; it turns out to be one step forward two steps back and no sleep and less of a quality of life.
No wonder people seek to be numb.
Mankind is inherently the prodigal child that wants to return home, home of our "furious youth".
Socialism hurts.
The Great Sage