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Monday, April 16, 2007


Hello, PERIMETER PROFESSORS,In the sixties and early seventies,there were movies made about bikers,and their lifestyles,some of them were terrible,most were made by little budgets and differing portrayals of the biker lifestyle.I wish to correct and explain,the reason for the name of one movie,BORN LOSERS,was it's name.
THE name was not a connotation of their birth,but relation to the life they choose,now bikers in that era were not like the biker of today,and i don;t suggest joining any club unless sanctioned by a reputable organization,the biker of yesteryear was the only alternative to a corrupt and unjust society,and he was there for everyone,even non bikers,to help, and uphold the truth.People like that,are far and few,this is why they were born loser's,they were fighting a giant that saw them as a disgusting castaway,and they couldn't win.This is the era i come from,i have never mentioned in my blog that i was a life long biker,I've seen it all.
This is why we are BORN LOSER'S,no one will believe us,and the huge social machine,sensing the threat, will try to impede,and even destroy,the loser;GOD BLESS YOU LOSERS ,THE FORCE WILL BE WITH YOU IF YOU WERE ORIGINAL,FRONZ /16 APRIL/07

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