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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Hello, PERIMETER POUTINES,AND if i say to you tomorrow,take my hand child walk with me,it's to a castle i will take you......LED ZEP,i don't know if you realize it but the twentieth century that just passed,was one of the most interesting in all of history,it packed a lot of punch,and i am quit fortunate to have lived through the later half.
It had just about all the rest of history packed in it's hundred years,the first part was bloody and expanding ,the second spiritual and discovering.
But this new era is almost becoming nonsensical ,as the great sage Say's,a very smart man learns from other peoples mistakes.
The only way to reach a goal is by selling it to everyone,if it can be sold to the masses,it will flourish as a way of life,or credo,the twentieth century did a lot of that,and it's repercussions will take time to fully show up.
If the era 's child is anything like the parent this could be very interesting.We should now have the most knowledge to pass on ,in all of history,but yet the playing field is still run by egotistical thugs that won't let sense and right and truth,prevail,no money in it.No fun in it.
If a world consensus of common behavior is not found,we will be forced to repeat over and over what should have been shed long ago.Don't forget we are alone as a species,and we alone can make life better or at least real for ourselves,barring an encounter with another life form that can reach our intellect.There will be no more prophets,and no new witty answers to rely on ,it's time to put knowledge to work,socially and spiritually.YOU know what i mean.I'M ready ,lets get at it.fronz 24 april /07

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