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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Funnel your view , and learning to love it .

Perimeter products .

Funneling , somebodies gotta do it .

We , being limited in our daily lives , are forced to use a funnel word to describe something large and complicated .

This word is " The System ", the system is an attempt at what is beyond the lives of the citizens within it .
But the system has simple pinch points ,

1. It works and everybody is happy , or ,

 2 . it doesn't work and it starts to fragment , like a New York skyscraper .
Here's where it gets crazy , these citizens that are being held within their system , who know very l

little about it's " Top Secrets " , discover that the " System ", isn't working for them .
This then causes an imbalance that the now uncomfortable citizens are forced to implement , such as  constraints on the " System " .
In history these moves haven't been easily accepted by the top " System " Authorities .
So I ask you when does the cake get passed around ?

Because I'll be dining with a Mrs. Antoinette  .

Gianfranco Fronzi . August . 4 / 2013

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