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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rubicon [ The difining question ]

Perimeter populace .

Rubicon , Definition ,            " A river in the Marches Region of Italy .".

 " A line Drawn , as a legal or binding barrier " .

In ancient Rome the barrier the Rubicon placed sealed it's place in our minds and in our language , and our hearts .

It's most famous relations , Julius Caesar  . Who defied the law and crossed

it with his legion the "Thirteen" .

Every Roman general of antiquities would have to disband his command

at the Rubicon , and enter Italy as civilians .

Why ?

 Because every time a general and his army were in Rome ,

the power high would make them act uncivilized and try to take Rome .

This brings the question . " Why did the Romans see it ? And we don't ?"

That's the question that proves without a doubt .

That the ROMANS were a more proactive , and depending on their

Senators ,    capable of actual constriction on authoritarianism .

Yet we the enlightened modern people .  With  , smart phones , satellite

imagery , whatever else , can't see the suppression until we see we have no ,

guns , Staffordshire bull Terriers ,

 freedoms like , just driving down a road ,

  or using a substance that is growing at your feet .

I believe it's time to get the bang for our buck , now mind you Canada , is a not bad as far as countries go , but when unaccountability , is let go .

We aren't keeping tabs and questioning our politicians .

Some type of " Rubicon " has to be set .

Gianfranco Fronzi . August / 20 / 2013

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