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Sunday, August 11, 2013


Perimeter  pressures .

I'm an Italian born Canadian .
   When I was a child and we drove by the native reserves what I saw was genocide ,
   I'd ask my father if we can help these people .
   He said there's nothing we can do because the rulers see us like they see them ,
   " we're second class citizens" .
   What you're looking at John are people that have had everything taken from them ,
   remember this because someday it could happen to you .
   But as white Italians who can understand the trappings of capitalism we grew , with our blood

sweat and tears into what today is a rivaled force.

 But the native who had no concept of capitalism continued to die and weren't even given a burial .
As karma would have it they slowly emerged into the only real force that can contest a government that imposes itself .

 Now we have only them that can stop runaway government , , Whose side is God on ?

Gianfranco Fronzi . August  / 11 2013

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