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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Old World - New World ?

Perimeter professionals.

The transfer of traits .

Here is a trait that followed the white man from the old world ,
    " When you open a door you've got to close it behind you".
I've basically exposed one of the despaired view points of the Native world and the European .
This viewpoint was given to my by a beautiful native lady .

 She said " How can you present a concept that the receiving  society has no concept of "?
This started a new file in my biological  registry , of course , the native had no concept of using an obstruction to interfere with entry or exit , when anyone entered and exited any shelter , in winter just a throw over the opening was probably used ?
  Sometimes it's the little things that keep an explanation from being given because neither party knows one is necessary .
Don't look back , look ahead , we've survived the door thing , we'll survive anything .
Gianfranco Fronzi . August  / 4 / 2013

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