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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Friday, March 20, 2015

2015 . The days of Truth . From Sault Ontario Canada

Perimeter past

I  sense something is coming . What I don't know yet ?

But it seems to veer towards our social dependencies of religion , energy , and politics .

I believe we're walking on a fine edge , we can either fall one way , and go into a dark age .

Or we could use our technology and common sense to cast away all the foolishness of our barbaric past .

And format life to be as close to perfect as the other species here have .

Either scenario , for me personally , having lived a good life , I'm reaching my waning years , and am ready for the worst .

It would be a blow to the youth that still hasn't lived long enough to have experienced a full life .

Hopefully we're developed enough to accept only the truth , as a large disbursed population ?
I believe we are ?

 Maybe ? Maybe ? We can put ourselves into the mystic ?

Gianfranco Fronzi March / 20 / 2015

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