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Friday, March 13, 2015

Perimeter plebs .

Don't be afraid , but it's going to be a time of great false propaganda ,
and the resurgence of the generation that started this renaissance .
We don't have enough youth to  do as we did .
Sometimes it's one act such as the student that stood in front of the tanks in China ,
in effect stopping them , and bringing China into the position it holds today .
 Our leaders of the major countries are listening ,
 they want direction from their people .
If the people stay silent they'll have to depend on their governmental intelligence , and military personnel .
 These groups are then going to give their personal directives ,
and they've failed us so many times since WW2 that they've now lost our belief .
The George W. Bush nightmare is the possible actions to repeat themselves ?
 Are we stupid ? Aren't we in the age of instant communications , we can answer to ourselves and also direct ourselves .
First we here in America have to tame the voting booth from easy corruption , then we've got to implement a Citizens power of Veto .
 To have this we need all the information at hand , no more are we shown a film of nothing impacting the Pentagon .
 To get this type of power a new wing of government must be installed , not another party or service , but a "Peoples Watchers" with the power of veto , and ousting any run amok corrupt government .
 A spiritual update is possibly in the coming ,
how I'm not sure , but it's due  , don't fear or panic .
 Because as one group " Mankind " , Whatever comes we stand a better chance of survival if we stand together .
 World government is touted as an illuminate plot ,
 by who ?
 The illuminate  ? This they don't want .
 A world united and questioning ?
  Then Man will be What he was Born to be .
 Free and independent .
Living in civil world .
If you say to yourselves , so what , let nature decide ?
That's exactly what I'm talking about , we are a very weak assembly when it comes to that .
Do you notice the other entities can take a lot more than us and win , an illness or predator microbe can be devastating , to us .
So Illuminate , or the gang , both get put in the same box . 
I'll miss you .
Not .
Gianfranco Fronzi March / 13 / 2013

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