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Monday, March 23, 2015

" Quarantine ". , Sault Ontario Canada

Perimeter plebs .

A little sci-fi ?

This is the log entry of captain , James S Kwerk . no 376802 .
The ship has been refitted with a new style of propulsion , the " Atom to pure Discharge " engine .
With this engine we can and are going to attempt crossing empty space that is between galaxies .
 We're now reaching the very edges of our Milky Way and will soon be in deep space .

Report Mr. Zulu ?
Steady as she goes captain .
How far from the designated boundary are we ?
We'll be at the last vestiges of the Milky Way in a few minutes sir .
Sir ?
Yes Mr. Spuck ?
The singularity , it's appearing in front of the ship , pacing us .
What's it's signature , biological , decision's , evolutionary ?
No signature , but it's bringing the ships engines down in power slowly , well be stopped shortly .
What's it possibly up to ?
We're stopped captain , and held locked in place .
Any signal at all ? What does it want now that we're finally going to leave our galaxy ?
I'm getting some form of a , warning code , but it's not directed to us but repeating itself .
Can you decipher it ?
I'm trying now sir , it's one repetitive signal .
 I've got it sir , it's reporting the word , Quarantine ?
What ?
We're in quarantine ?
It seems that way sir , it mustn't want us to travel farther than this point , and quarantined us ?
Like some sickened virus ?
Yes sir .

Gianfranco Fronzi . March . 23 / 2015

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