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Friday, March 13, 2015

Perimeter perp

The Ancient Egyptians and their megalithic stonework .

What you've got to do is to be able to actually live in a human body during that era .

As an Egyptian the entity would be living in one of the first large organizations .

Yet this era was still closer to cave dwellers than they are to us modern day man .

Therefore the entities thought was vastly different than ours today .

A view I can give basic indicators of .

For instance , since the Egyptian was at a time that was so close to having to survive in a more savage conditions , he would still be in full sensory condition .

A condition where his fresh and clean senses are at peak .

This viewpoint , if you can imagine yourself stepping into an ancient Egyptians body ?

Imagine , you aren't effected by accumulated thought or toxins , so your senses are sharp .

Touching any object not only identified it by it's shape or color , also it's effects on all the senses at once was the way he would see it .

This viewpoint of all the senses at once give you something else that most of mankind has lost .

It also gives the " Properties "of what you're looking at .

So if you're looking at a funny colored rock you'd know a few things more .

Such as , its vibration , its periodic scale , its melting point , its abrasiveness , its shearing property , and so on .

Now if you thought if a piece of stone gave you the right feeling , it could preform this reaction , which is also identified by your system , lets identify this reaction as ; salty smell , deep visceral but hungry instead of full , a fine and even temperature , And vibration , when your hand hovers along the body of the stone .

This vibration  is also calibrating the "energy potential "of the rock .

Do you see what I'm getting at ?

If you care , try to calculate the amount and the mindset you'd have seeing life completely , through the eyes of a child ?

Make any sense ?

So it leads to different views of life , and all elements that exist in life .

Thanks .

Gianfranco Fronzi . March /13 / 2015

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