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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Sunday, December 3, 2006

homo sapiens

Hello,whomever may read this,on observation:the couse of events, in todays world,are proof that we thirst for blood ,and still fight evolution as much as we can.Thousands of years from now we will all have mixed the genes, that we all possess, and will be one race,what would we call ourselves then ?I think then we would be close to ,sapiens,as we are far from it now.even mother teressa would get exited at the smell and sight of blood ,yes we are still just animals ,and hold our ability to destroy,other entities ,including other humans,as being superior,how sad.Don't lie to yourself, because, if what i;v just written you disagree with ,you better reply,and enlighten me and others.when ,what happened on Sept. 11 changed the world as to the way we look at each other,a part of us liked the fact, that a reason to do battle ,was cast onto the card table.women gloating at the possibility of their spouses leaving, and maybe dying ,setting them up for life,with a nice government pension,men ,having been given a reason to have some fun,and play with guns,the rest of the population getting some good news breaking entertainment.Yes we love it it is in our blood,that is why man has never given up on war,it;s great,poor john Lennon ,actually believing that their is a chance for peace,peace sucks,it;t just a miss America answer to a panel of judges question.Do you follow me?Now would if we could speed up,the process of reaching this, inter species that we should become?it is possible.HOW,first of all the major religions, should be giving some hard guidance to their flocks,unfortunately ,their corruption and interest in the earthly side of existence,has made them untrustable,their only duty now is to keep the names of their long gone spiritual leaders from disappearing,i did;t hear one word,about universal help when, black Africans were being murdered ,and hacked to death.What happened?We. unfortunately are selective saviors,only if money or relations are threatened do we react.LET YOUR SOUL WANDER ON WHAT I;V JUST SAID.WE MUST DWELL ON OUR SIMILARITIES,not on our differences,let;s say you were a young man,and your country was invaded by outsiders that you would want to impose their lifestyle on yours ,thinking that theirs is better,would you not be severing heads on the net?Think about it.the message was given to you thousands or hundreds of years ago,by your spiritual leaders,and it;s quit similar to all parties,because most of modern religion is based on similar credos,as a matter of fact the Muslim and Christians,are splinter groups from long ago. I wouldn't dought right now that orders are, to not capture Bin Laden, for he wants topmost is martyrdom,he probably is throwing himself at American troops, as they fien indifference,ha, what a vision.Make no mistake about me, if i felt that my country or my neighbores country ,was threatened,i would be there,even at my age,to offer my services as best i see i am believer in Christ's teachings but ,i am caught on the fact that someone else has delivered it to me,do you really think that Jesus would have turned the other cheek,when Germany was bent on world domination?No, i think he would have been one of the first to hit the beaches in France.And he would be riding a Harley into Berlin ,I'm tired now i will continue ,this train of thought,later it will give you something to believe in thank you g fronzi 3 DEC \06

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