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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gauges of True Time , Machina di Tempi , Veneto Sault .

Perimeter prisms .

Sometimes what seems like a downer can become a new horizon .

My Hard Drive is telling me it's going to eventually die , no problem 100 bucks .
But it's forced me to shop , and see whats out there .

On a quick reply ," I believe the technology is evolving at 1/4 of

itself every year ".

Even my H.D. that's dying is still working lightning fast . But I'm noticing slight mistakes happening . Like keyboard and net connectivity .
So what is my solution ?
I choose to continue with this style because , i rarely turn my computer off , so that baby's been working for me solid for three years . Also a terabyte is under a hundred bucks .
Sure there's solid state , but size in bytes cost more .
When that technology advances which it is , we'll be flying .

Now consider that I'm from black and white T. V . .

Do the youth of today realize what times their living in ?

My Android telephone is an unbelievable piece of machinery .

Next to the Borg , which I'm ready for , it's an achievement that we've dreamed of .
The Borg will add a whole new section to our reality

I would refer to it as the end of " Time And Space ".

With a whole new reality restricted by our own boundaries , just because we don't want to loose our identity .

A new world where only the " Brave " will venture .

Most people my age won't even use a computer out of fear for it .

I saw the same fear when i visited my Old Past Grandparents and they mistrusted the old telephone and didn't ever have one .

Now isn't that a tribute to mankind ? We are special , and we aren't settling for now , like past generations , but we want to run , walking is inefficient .

The trust in it's danger we contract out , to a third party app.

Arrivederci . My Internet Compatriots .

Gianfranco Fronzi . Jan. 20 / 2013

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