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Monday, January 14, 2013

Open Sesame , perception 1

Perimeter Ports .

Opening a door of Perception .
I saw the earth from space .
At the same time the biological software i was using , gave
a running animation of the system planet wide .
Each living entity was being ingested on the scale of energy as the graphics .
Also newer entities were created from this transfer .
The problem was Mankind , it's disruption of the cycles flow , by engineering it's own needs , was causing the system to loose it's relativity .
 Anything relative to anything else wasn't finding it's natural pathways , and whole species weren't surviving .

Which will isolate Mankind , this is the beginning of ,
                       " Armageddon".

The real indicators being the Flora , of both Land and Sea .

Then the Seas will run red with the dying flora , leading to dying land based flora .

Once the event horizon of the maelstrom , is passed , it's irreversible,
and unnoticed . To late .

Mankind won't change unless it can gain from those changes ,
  therefore , Never .

Arrivederci Homo Sapiens , We'll miss you . And only You.

Gianfranco Fronzi .   January /14 / 2013

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