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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hard Wired ----comments , Sault , Telepathic Smartphone

Perimeter Passes .

I , after many years of observation .
Have come to a factually state .

  We have already installed in us a , " Smart phone " , communication , through air and possibly empty space .

At this point I'm not quite sure if I can call everybody in my life Telepathically  ?

  I find that , the type of person I can communicate with, or call , is someone that has a soul , one that is sensitive .

The ones I can't reach , I already seem to know that , and I don't even try .

 The technique ,

1. Roll your eyes up , look up into your eyelids , let  your lids tremble from the effort of looking up into them .

   Then you'll need your," Internal Media Player ", the "Pineal Gland" .

2.  Move your attention to the centre  part of your  brain , then slowly move that concentration a tiny bit to the front of the gland,[middle brain ], between your eyes .

This is your "Media Share", area .
With it you can at least bring ," You" into the mind of the person "You", want to contact , you must first .

3.  Envision , and recollect all you can of your contact choice .

Right down to , their physical movements , tones of voice , clothing styles , even scents .

As your doing this , your sending out some type of signal that can cross huge gulfs of distance .

The person you wish to call , or come to you , will receive an intense yearn to see you , without knowledge of why .

They almost hypnotically  prepare themselves and find their way to you .

I believe this occurs all the time to everyone , people just don't notice the workings of it , but this tutorial is how to do it at will.

4. Add  A feeling of friendly enveloping the person , and a yearning to see them is helpful .

Unfortunately , if you love this person , and the person doesn't love you , it doesn't work as a Love Spell or Call .

If the person does love you , especially a new love , it's more likely to work .

 The technique works extremely well with the animal world , if your pet loves you , it almost better to use this technique than yelling their name out .

I just read on FaceBook that a Man in Africa , who was a fighter for the Elephants , having rescued Elephants all over the world , even saving the Zoo Elephants during the Gulf War , Had recently died .

The most unbelievable thing occurred .

A group of some thirty wild Elephants marched to his house , and stood vigil without food for days , around the house . [ real picture of event below].

Do I have to say More ?

" Hate may throw rocks , But Love crosses Mountains ".

Gianfranco Fronzi . Jan. 16 / 2013

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