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Thursday, January 31, 2013

X- Particles

Perimeter Planets .

Some Fiction .

Captain I'm detecting a strange tracking in our course .

What's that Number Two ?

Well the ship is on course but we're , what seems to be , falling . As if we're in the gravitational attraction of a large planet .

Oh no , the x-particle ?

Yes , i think so ? We might as well stop commandeering , we're in it's power .

How long until we reach the portal ?

We should be there shortly .

Prepare to analyse the particles .

We're detecting some now . Neutrinos , biological .

Biological ? Who are they directed to ?

We'll have to observe each others behavior , and physical changes .

I'm also detecting x- particles .

I'm also feeling odd , a nauseous feeling .

I too , anybody else ?

All deck hands confirm nausea .

The captain awakes in his chair . How long have i been sleeping ?

We've all been out of reality for twelve hours Sir .

Wait a minute , did we just communicate without speech ?

Yes , we're restructured to transmit and receive thoughts effortlessly .

Hail fleet headquarters , tell them we're returning , and our biological formatting .

They can reveal the changes and upgrade everyone .

Keep observation going we might have other changes .

An engineer in the propulsion guidance division reports complete confusion , he's been drugged .

Alright there'll be others like him to cure .

All ahead full .

Yes Captain .

Arrivederci Formats .

Gianfranco Fronzi . January / 31 / 2013

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