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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New World Order

Perimeter penetration .

" New  World   Order ".

There's a problem with this fraise , It in the word  " Order ".

The world isn't a way of thought or systematic Religion .

It's not a big clan of Monks .

Or is it dependable as one set of rule .

It is diverse , rich , and colorful , smiling , and sad . But not a preset to what a man with a suite and money can envision .

A lot of the World will not ever hear or be advantaged by these words .

How about just give the human species back , " Their Planet " .

We were all born here , well most of us . 
We all need basically the same things .
We have the resources to all have the things we need .

There's a fine line between "Nanny State ", and " Wasn't this what we were after , easier , quicker , peaceful , unity within ourselves .

Well i don't think that's how THE GUY WITH THE SUITE AND THE GUN SEES IT ?

He'll speak in ways that fit his Order .

Such as , " the economy is in ruins "  , Translated , " We would like you to work harder , for longer , and for less money .
Meanwhile the "Suite Guy" Gets more , by simply making it so , from the money that the ruined economy generates .

And of course the reason for the economic disaster , is the people themselves right ? Asking for to much , always complaining ?

 If there's any form of descent , it's always from the people , not the government , why they can misplace enough money to feed the country till it's end , and nobody says a word , but catch a guy napping on the job and we need a special meeting .
The money wasted on the meeting could have fed a few families for the day .
Speed up , get up , write to your " New World Order Representatives"

See what's new , in the News .
It's never over , it just changes clothes , there's still a long way to go , so hang on . Expect Opposition .

Otherwise , Welcome Home  , Sapiens .


Gianfranco Fronzi . Jan . / 2 / 2013

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