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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Thursday, January 31, 2013

X- Particles

Perimeter Planets .

Some Fiction .

Captain I'm detecting a strange tracking in our course .

What's that Number Two ?

Well the ship is on course but we're , what seems to be , falling . As if we're in the gravitational attraction of a large planet .

Oh no , the x-particle ?

Yes , i think so ? We might as well stop commandeering , we're in it's power .

How long until we reach the portal ?

We should be there shortly .

Prepare to analyse the particles .

We're detecting some now . Neutrinos , biological .

Biological ? Who are they directed to ?

We'll have to observe each others behavior , and physical changes .

I'm also detecting x- particles .

I'm also feeling odd , a nauseous feeling .

I too , anybody else ?

All deck hands confirm nausea .

The captain awakes in his chair . How long have i been sleeping ?

We've all been out of reality for twelve hours Sir .

Wait a minute , did we just communicate without speech ?

Yes , we're restructured to transmit and receive thoughts effortlessly .

Hail fleet headquarters , tell them we're returning , and our biological formatting .

They can reveal the changes and upgrade everyone .

Keep observation going we might have other changes .

An engineer in the propulsion guidance division reports complete confusion , he's been drugged .

Alright there'll be others like him to cure .

All ahead full .

Yes Captain .

Arrivederci Formats .

Gianfranco Fronzi . January / 31 / 2013

" The Black Widow Effect "

Perimeter Patients .

The timeless question ," Why Does A Woman Start , From The Beginning ,To Destroy Their Men "?

The answer is basic , they not only want to control them , but to devaluate them to other Women , thus making the poor shmuck , held tight in her greedy little hands .

There's a Gulf in what motivates both sexes , but be assured , the simplest factor is the best , just face it and make your decision objective , and open .

You see ," It's not Winning an Argument , It's Knowing When You've Won ".

Arrivederci Sapiens .

Gianfranco Fronzi . January / 30 / 2013

Monday, January 21, 2013

Hey Pony Up or Fail

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Update: Do You Have FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES? This Kid Doesn’t

Steffanie Petroni-Date for local2 sault ste. marie
January 17th, 2013 | Last Updated at 8:54pm
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Broderick CausleyThe clock is ticking for Sault Ste. Marie’s son, Broderick Causley. Brody, a mathematical wizard is 1 out of 13 in the world invited to participate in the elite program Math in Moscow.

But time is running out.

He is desperately scrambling to raise $5, 000 by the top of next week to confirm his seat in Russia. Yesterday a pay pal donate link was added to Brody’s story so anyone wanting help would have the opportunity to do so. Right now, a total of close to $550.00 has been raised to put towards Brody’s most basic living expenses- only 4,450.00 to go.

I think it can be done. This is a call out to high school teachers, service clubs, non-profit organizations and private businesses to scrape together whatever they can extend towards this very humble and deserving young man.

Brody is 27 yrs. old and is set to graduate from Algoma University with a Bachelor of Science. AUC is one of 136 prestigious alumni members of the University of Moscow, Moscow Centre For Continuous Mathematical Education. University of Moscow, Moscow Centre For Continuous Mathematical Education.

Please click the donate link below if you can help. Donations are refundable for up to 60 days. For more information please email

Keep your chin up Brody!! 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gauges of True Time , Machina di Tempi , Veneto Sault .

Perimeter prisms .

Sometimes what seems like a downer can become a new horizon .

My Hard Drive is telling me it's going to eventually die , no problem 100 bucks .
But it's forced me to shop , and see whats out there .

On a quick reply ," I believe the technology is evolving at 1/4 of

itself every year ".

Even my H.D. that's dying is still working lightning fast . But I'm noticing slight mistakes happening . Like keyboard and net connectivity .
So what is my solution ?
I choose to continue with this style because , i rarely turn my computer off , so that baby's been working for me solid for three years . Also a terabyte is under a hundred bucks .
Sure there's solid state , but size in bytes cost more .
When that technology advances which it is , we'll be flying .

Now consider that I'm from black and white T. V . .

Do the youth of today realize what times their living in ?

My Android telephone is an unbelievable piece of machinery .

Next to the Borg , which I'm ready for , it's an achievement that we've dreamed of .
The Borg will add a whole new section to our reality

I would refer to it as the end of " Time And Space ".

With a whole new reality restricted by our own boundaries , just because we don't want to loose our identity .

A new world where only the " Brave " will venture .

Most people my age won't even use a computer out of fear for it .

I saw the same fear when i visited my Old Past Grandparents and they mistrusted the old telephone and didn't ever have one .

Now isn't that a tribute to mankind ? We are special , and we aren't settling for now , like past generations , but we want to run , walking is inefficient .

The trust in it's danger we contract out , to a third party app.

Arrivederci . My Internet Compatriots .

Gianfranco Fronzi . Jan. 20 / 2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hard Wired ----comments , Sault , Telepathic Smartphone

Perimeter Passes .

I , after many years of observation .
Have come to a factually state .

  We have already installed in us a , " Smart phone " , communication , through air and possibly empty space .

At this point I'm not quite sure if I can call everybody in my life Telepathically  ?

  I find that , the type of person I can communicate with, or call , is someone that has a soul , one that is sensitive .

The ones I can't reach , I already seem to know that , and I don't even try .

 The technique ,

1. Roll your eyes up , look up into your eyelids , let  your lids tremble from the effort of looking up into them .

   Then you'll need your," Internal Media Player ", the "Pineal Gland" .

2.  Move your attention to the centre  part of your  brain , then slowly move that concentration a tiny bit to the front of the gland,[middle brain ], between your eyes .

This is your "Media Share", area .
With it you can at least bring ," You" into the mind of the person "You", want to contact , you must first .

3.  Envision , and recollect all you can of your contact choice .

Right down to , their physical movements , tones of voice , clothing styles , even scents .

As your doing this , your sending out some type of signal that can cross huge gulfs of distance .

The person you wish to call , or come to you , will receive an intense yearn to see you , without knowledge of why .

They almost hypnotically  prepare themselves and find their way to you .

I believe this occurs all the time to everyone , people just don't notice the workings of it , but this tutorial is how to do it at will.

4. Add  A feeling of friendly enveloping the person , and a yearning to see them is helpful .

Unfortunately , if you love this person , and the person doesn't love you , it doesn't work as a Love Spell or Call .

If the person does love you , especially a new love , it's more likely to work .

 The technique works extremely well with the animal world , if your pet loves you , it almost better to use this technique than yelling their name out .

I just read on FaceBook that a Man in Africa , who was a fighter for the Elephants , having rescued Elephants all over the world , even saving the Zoo Elephants during the Gulf War , Had recently died .

The most unbelievable thing occurred .

A group of some thirty wild Elephants marched to his house , and stood vigil without food for days , around the house . [ real picture of event below].

Do I have to say More ?

" Hate may throw rocks , But Love crosses Mountains ".

Gianfranco Fronzi . Jan. 16 / 2013

Monday, January 14, 2013

A Study in Perversion

Perimeter pullers .
Sexual perversion is a result of repression of emotions .
In today's sexually open society , perversion shouldn't exist .
Therefore , something in the individual is amiss .
Something that is repressing the individual from sexual peace .
Could it be , an internal battle , comforted by an extremely different  reaction ?
These individuals cannot be happy campers .
Or could this be the reaction of an extremely happy individual ?
I doubt it .
Any cure , from , drug therapy , to releasing the true source of the anguish , the individual must embrace .
Or , continue suffering their destructive behavior .
Like the hyperactive child in grade school , we've indentured ourselves to help , right ?
So lets open ourselves to them, giving them ,
       " Something To Believe In " .
Arrivederci baby .
Gianfranco Fronzi . January  / 14 / 2013

Open Sesame , perception 1

Perimeter Ports .

Opening a door of Perception .
I saw the earth from space .
At the same time the biological software i was using , gave
a running animation of the system planet wide .
Each living entity was being ingested on the scale of energy as the graphics .
Also newer entities were created from this transfer .
The problem was Mankind , it's disruption of the cycles flow , by engineering it's own needs , was causing the system to loose it's relativity .
 Anything relative to anything else wasn't finding it's natural pathways , and whole species weren't surviving .

Which will isolate Mankind , this is the beginning of ,
                       " Armageddon".

The real indicators being the Flora , of both Land and Sea .

Then the Seas will run red with the dying flora , leading to dying land based flora .

Once the event horizon of the maelstrom , is passed , it's irreversible,
and unnoticed . To late .

Mankind won't change unless it can gain from those changes ,
  therefore , Never .

Arrivederci Homo Sapiens , We'll miss you . And only You.

Gianfranco Fronzi .   January /14 / 2013

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Killing Words

Perimeter politicians .

These words , as true and as pure as they are , caused death .

  " Fore then Man Will be What He was Born to be ,

   Independent and Free ".

            John  Fitzgerald Kennedy .  R.I.P.

     Gianfranco Fronzi . January /13 / 2013

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Familiarity breeds Contempt ?

Perimeter penetrations .

The Term ," Familiarity Breeds Contempt ".

We know this to be a statement that usually , we take with salt .

If true to the pin prick , we all should live alone .

But when it goes into other realms , such as , A Class of People that feel superior to other classes , because their familiarity between  the classes , they both are contemptuous , towards each other .

Or Race contempt , for another race , each fitting their predictable roles , and disrespecting each other .

So living on the perimeter isn't ALL that bad ?

Arrivederci baby .

Gianfranco Fronzi . Jan. / 8 / 2013

Saturday, January 5, 2013

al stewart - the year of the cat (beautiful live version)


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Imagination , blocking diode

Perimeter payments .

 " We can do Many things Without Imagination , but Without Imagination  ,

   Nothing gets Done ".

Therefore don't bank on Dreams , but if your dream comes true , it's because ,

your Imagination put the pieces together .

Thus you were always Grooming yourself to be who You are today .

Our youth , who are still searching themselves , should be taught to exploit their

dreams , saving time .

Because in the end they're still going to be shaped by the dream they like .

So why not be good at being your portrayal , as long as it's sane ?

Arrivederci .

Gianfranco Fronzi . Jan. / 2 / 2013

New World Order

Perimeter penetration .

" New  World   Order ".

There's a problem with this fraise , It in the word  " Order ".

The world isn't a way of thought or systematic Religion .

It's not a big clan of Monks .

Or is it dependable as one set of rule .

It is diverse , rich , and colorful , smiling , and sad . But not a preset to what a man with a suite and money can envision .

A lot of the World will not ever hear or be advantaged by these words .

How about just give the human species back , " Their Planet " .

We were all born here , well most of us . 
We all need basically the same things .
We have the resources to all have the things we need .

There's a fine line between "Nanny State ", and " Wasn't this what we were after , easier , quicker , peaceful , unity within ourselves .

Well i don't think that's how THE GUY WITH THE SUITE AND THE GUN SEES IT ?

He'll speak in ways that fit his Order .

Such as , " the economy is in ruins "  , Translated , " We would like you to work harder , for longer , and for less money .
Meanwhile the "Suite Guy" Gets more , by simply making it so , from the money that the ruined economy generates .

And of course the reason for the economic disaster , is the people themselves right ? Asking for to much , always complaining ?

 If there's any form of descent , it's always from the people , not the government , why they can misplace enough money to feed the country till it's end , and nobody says a word , but catch a guy napping on the job and we need a special meeting .
The money wasted on the meeting could have fed a few families for the day .
Speed up , get up , write to your " New World Order Representatives"

See what's new , in the News .
It's never over , it just changes clothes , there's still a long way to go , so hang on . Expect Opposition .

Otherwise , Welcome Home  , Sapiens .


Gianfranco Fronzi . Jan . / 2 / 2013

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hey You !

Perimeter pointers .

Hey You !
Yea You .

Do you now expect us to believe , that terrorists , wired all three buildings , so they'd all implode .

Just think of how stupid you are . By even suggesting that .

The people who were  murdered , they obviously were more stupid than you , they believed in something .

You don't have that problem right ?

Why aren't you responding , your a citizen now , you don't need a stage .

Now your going to have to keep killing and hiding .

That's expensive .

Or you can die once . An honorable  death .

But your an American coward , and everything America is not about.

Here's your handiwork . You really don't want me on this planet .

Because mystery in my life is so large , some is even a mystery to me .

And well , mysterious ways ?


Gianfranco Fronzi . Jan . / 2 / 2013

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