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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Go see for Yourself

Perimeter pyramids .
A scenario .

A young boy watched as the building grew , blocks of stone were moving at a fast pace .
Yet it was getting to high to see what the stone positioning crew was doing and how they were doing it .
Hey , boy , you kids get out of the way , the stone selector said .
But i can't see how they get the stones into position .
You want to see ? That's Siris crew , here run up with this list of sizes , and give them to Siris .
O.K. the boy grabbed the papers and scooted up the sand bank .
When he reached the work level , he saw an astounding sight .
The stones were being lowered into place , then pushed towards the built center .
Siris ? is Siris here the boy asked .
A man slinging the stones for placement said, down there , where they're filling the center .
The boy went down the slope and ran towards the center , what he saw amazed him , stones gliding over stones , turned  in place , measured , then slowly fitted .
Siris ? Yes boy , you like what you see ?
What's the idea , the boy asked .
   This is a huge machine son , at least if what we've seen occur at other pyramids , we can amplify with a perfect one .
What's the beautiful box for ?
That's where part of the mix goes , once fired up only the stones can contain it .
Will i get a job here ?
Do you want one ?
Sure .
O.K. stay close to me , here's a marking stone , when i say fish and indicate a stone you draw a fish on the corner of it i want , then I'll tell you which set stone to draw the fish on too. Different stones different picture o.k.?
I stayed till completion the boy recalls .
Now he is group leader in a distant land , still building pyramids .
Running that piece of paper to Siris was the best move he ever made , in 4000 BC.

Gianfranco Fronzi . October / 10 / 2012


Hannelore Reichert said...

nice post. it's really very interesting and it's work also. Thanks for sharing............!!

Gianfranco Fronzi said...

Thanks Hannelore .
G. Fronzi