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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Light As an Element , comments addendum ,sault canada

Perimeter peacekeepers.
Here I go loving light again .
Light doesn't fit all the dimensions of an element . But it's necessity for biological growth in this reality  , does insert it in the ,
    "Elementary Necessities " .File .
  Thus this mysterious emission of the change of Energy from Lower to Higher , or higher to lower.        Lights up the whole shebang for us .
Changing it's Resonance is a  trick lightly touched upon .
Would it be viewable with our vision ?
Or would it exist on another range of perception .
Would it's effects change lights properties ?
Make it easier or harder to use ?
This goes beyond hooking a speakers wires to a Laser Pointer , it's got to shake the foundations of light itself .
  Like teleporting light .
Disassembling light and reassembling it somewhere else , without loss .
  Don't say electrically , because that's major loss , but encapsulated , like a "Photon Torpedo "?

By using crystal refraction ,[ I just made that up , but it sounds good no ? ].

Or the conversion method not viewable yet .

  If the language of light was known , a combination  of words [ referring to the words in the language ]could cause a power  shift ?

So Shine On , And give it a rub .

Gianfranco Fronzi . October / 10 / 2012

? Wow it's been that long ago ?

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