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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hey You

Hey , Hey You , You know me ?
Well  you've become a problem .
The only way to extricate yourself and your family , is to confess publicly .
I know it's going to hurt , but you carry the hurt of a whole nation , that depended on you and don't deserve what occurred  .

So unless you have no soul , you aren't having a good time .

Come on do you think  that would have happened under any other presidents term .

I would actually like to help , by editing your confession before publicly releasing it.

Your free Lawyer . I can then with the use of language buffer each segment .

But come on buddy , i can't attest to what happens after death , but you would definitely get the poorest treatment .

 Would i screw you around . I have no reason to.

And i really don't suggest you even try a lie on me because we're   playing with something that really doesn't make sense , me.
Arrivederci bello.
Gianfranco Fronzi . October /2/2012

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