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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"We the people " words from another Heart

Perimeter published , "We the people ".
When the forefathers of the United States wrote their famous Opener ,

 "We the people" at their revolution of independence , my god what a more heartfelt set of words. It really makes you want to have been there , "WE THE PEOPLE " .
  To actually be amongst a group of people , committed to the death , for a cause few countries at the time had , "freedom ".

 Here's the corker , they when they wrote" WE THE PEOPLE " THEY MEANT EVERYONE .    

"Freedom for all" .

This is how books , like the bible , and literature , like the declaration of independence , can be fashioned to do more harm than good . Extremists abound , look at Hitler , it was said , now don't quote me , that he retrieved  Lankiness's spear point from an Austrian  museum , and then declared "all Jews will die" , Longinas spear was the Roman Soldier that pierced Jesus on the cross .

History isn't an excuse , it's a teacher , using it to fit your credo is personal , not viral .

Your just going to pick the parts you like and fit your credo .

Don't repeat what is wrong with it , but live what is good with it .
 Otherwise I'd question yours and Hitler's sanity .

Gianfranco Fronzi . October / 10 / 2012

Wow it's been that long?

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So beautiful sharing!Thank you very much.Best wishes!Your article is very good!