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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Hello,PERIMETER PAY ROLLERS,FRONZ HERE,if you've noticed I've installed a hit counter on the blog page,this does nothing except record the hit,your privacy is still intact.I had to know if this was worth while continuing on,and it seems to be ,so pitter patter.You know ,as bad as it can be portrayed, there are good people out there,good politicians,good lawyers,good policemen,doctors,so on....The only problem is that they don't usually reach the position of control or direction ,that their profession has,this unfortunately is usually handled by a ruling group,or the head of a group of insiders.THESE people are usually the worst, to have this position,but believe it or not ,nice guy's finish last and thugs rule.fronzfeb 27

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Anonymous said...

you know it!