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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Hello, PERIMETER,passion seekers.It's me fronz,why not?why not throw it all away on love,what better reason,i see it as the only reason.In my life,I have had some of the most exemplary people,and friends you could ever meet,my interaction with all life forms ,has given me the best,God must have sent them,to be there for me.There is only one problem,i keep living ,and i keep loosing everything i love,I WOULD GIVE EVERYTHING I HAVE TO PREVENT WHAT ALWAYS HAPPENS TO ME.GOD BLESS YOU ALL HOPE FULLY WE WILL MEET AGAIN.Yes I've walk amongst thieves ,and never had anything stolen,I,ve had the most beautiful girlfriends,all good to me,and we all parted in good terms,ya I've seen sun and I've seen rain,and i hope to see you all again.You see i know that there is a force out there,because every time evil tries to harm me ,it gets caught in it's own doing,it's bizarre,but i think that's why the evil leaves me alone and strike at my heart,so don't get too close to me .If it's beyond my power ,God will take care of you.I love you all ,FRONZ/FEB/07


Mr Puffer said...

Is that the dark side or the good side of the force that protects you

something to believe in said...

the good force puffer my man, the good force,but you already knew this.