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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Friday, February 16, 2007


HELLO,perimeter playwrights,whats it all about?This existence called life,well it's still worth exploring compared to the finality of death,death leaves a lot of unanswered questions to the living,such as i could have, or i should have,there is no replay when the final action is activated,and the only ones who really care are the people that you left something behind with.Whether you left good thoughts or a sense of exhilaration ,at your demise,you still left something.One of my favorite questions is,IF YOUR LIFE WAS MADE INTO A MOVIE WOULD YOU LEAVE THE THEATER WITH A GOOD FEELING?OR WOULD YOU LEAVE WITH A BAD TASTE IN YOUR MOUTH?This i find to be one of the best way's to really asses yourself, and your position,because the answer is almost instant and visceral.But it doesn't give you the answer on how to make your life into a feel good movie,that is found in other self questioning,such as who do you think you are ,or if you saw yourself as an historical figure ,who would you pick to identify yourself.It is said that everything boils down to mathematics,so lets explore that side of reality,in the mathematical and universal scope of things,there is a positive and a negative force,and according to physics,negative always goes to positive,it can be reversed ,but naturally this is the case,why?Well i can only assume,that there is more negative force,so it overwhelms positive,or that the existence we call the boundaries of reality,is made up of mainly negative,and it wants to transcend to positive,because the nucleus being positive doesn't move,if it did a piece of steel would not be apiece of steel,yet negative ions from a piece of steel can move freely ,all over and even be shed from the main piece,yet the piece of steel remains the same,only with a different polarity.This should give you a benchmark,on your relation to your existence,be the positive be the rock,let negative have to come to you for completion.I hope you can catch what I'm trying to transpire,because i think it's something to believe in.fronz feb./16 /07

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