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Monday, February 19, 2007


 Time line,------ millions of years ago , hurtling through space ,a piece of ancient matter , is captured by the attraction of a blue bios rich planet .
  The finger , of the force ,t hat commandeers the occurrence , wants this to happen .
  This piece of astral debris, ignites as it enters the planets atmosphere,and it burns a trail through the sky.
 At impact, it is just a small misshapen stone .
  However it's voyage did not go unnoticed , a life form ,capable of acknowledging , that what he had just seen is interesting , goes to the impact sight , and digs with a flat piece of wood , and he find the remnants of the debris.
   It is an odd stone with sharp edges , and tiny passages strewn over it .
The entity feels the stone , it is still warm , he tastes it , upon placing it to his tongue , he feels , from years of harmonious cohabitation with the world around him , that the stone has a difference , to it , it lends a different sensation , vibration , and taste .
    The entity feels , he has something special , and has a bargaining chip , with this he might be able to trade for , food , or tools , or sexual favors .
  He holds it with one of his feet , and with his hands , threads a long piece of sisal , through one of the cavities .
    He then heads back to his community . With the stone around his neck , he proudly , but jealously shows it to his clan , everyone is fascinated by it , larger males try to take it , but he scurrilously backs away , guarding his little prize .
     He turns his attention to the other jewel of his eye , a young female of the clan , to him she is all of his desire , she is beautiful , and has not born any children yet , the ruling males always guarded her as their own , and would not allow him the possibility of mating with her .
    But now he has the stone , he holds it up for her to see , she suddenly sees him as more attractive than ever , she also is in her breeding cycle , and chemical urges, along with the possibility of acquiring the stone , lead her towards our fortunate friend .
All the while the force that developed this whole scenario ,  is working in the background , making what is about to happen possible . They meet , alone , he holds the stone up to her , and sexual urges take over .
   She now proudly wears the stone about her neck , it not only embellishes her ,  but makes her  , his companion  , through acquisition .
    Everything is going just as the force has planned .
  Inside her womb is a new life , but what our happy couple don't know is that the stone has properties that emanate from it , properties that affect the structure of existence around it.
  It is radioactive .
   The child is born , and it is horrible , it is almost hairless , its feet are elongated , not able to be manipulative , it has hands that are of a different shape , with an ability to grasp , are also hairless , he is of a lighter colour , in skin and hair , and the strangest thing of all , he has blue eyes .
    The father is horrified , and picks up a large rock to kill it .
 The rest of the males are in agreement with the reaction , and also want to destroy the mistake .
   But the mother , being it her first born , and having come from her body , will have none of that.
    With support  from the other females , who can understand her urge to protect .
   The males have to acquiesce to this , fearing female retaliation.      

The mother and child are forced to live on the edges of the community , supported by other females , and males seeking sexual favors .
   The father having abandoned her , and her mistake , only coming around when he felt the urge .
    The child meanwhile , grew , and survived , and at a point gave up using all four limbs to move , and stood upright , with an amazing ability of balance , and speed , he could also fashion objects quickly , and precisely with his deformed hands .
  The other males could sense the threat , but even as a child the boy was a match , in cleverness and agility .

The force saw everything was as it should be , and protected the good mistake .

Gianfranco Fronzi   FEB\19/07

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