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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

lost in the[X]

Hello, perimeter politicians,I'm still wasting oxygen,but in return I'm giving you back high grade carbon dioxide,for the plant life right?For every problem,that there could be, if looked at from a less aggressive angle,you will find that there is somebody, or something, that depends on the mear fallout created by what the opposite angle,consumes.This is where the newer generations should look,for all the answers to their questions of ,whats is there left for us?Or everything has been done,and we 've got nothing ,we're lost in generation 'X' .Well puppies, it was all done in my day to buddy,and we didn't have as many options for instant success,but had to depend on brute force to fill our bill.That meant physical labour,something that most 'X'rs refuse to do.Everybody wants to be a desktop re arranger,we 'vie got millions of them,by now?LOOK FOR FALLOUT,IF THEIRS NOTHING BUT RICH OLD GUY'S ,WITH PROBLEMS ,FIND THE FALLOUT,THAT'S WHERE YOU WILL GET THE PAYOUT.YOU DIG?"BUT YOU KNOW ,I THINK ,THAT AN EXCUSE AT AN EARLY AGE, SHOWS LACK OF INTELLIGENCE OR POOR ENVIRONMENT WHILE GROWING UP AS A CHILD.Yes if you see parents that put some effort into giving real time answers and guidance,you do see better children,on average.Don't hide behind your [X] symbol because ,it shows weakness, and weakness in prime age is not conducive to success.Even though you won't have the credibility,because you have to earn it,you can still show off you strength.AND for you eggheads strength doesn't mean beating someone else up,but by showing him up.dig.IFyou need any more help you can order my book,[When to stop masturbating]IT'S SOLD UNDER, YOUR BUTT ,PRESS, FOR THREE EASY INSTALLMENTS OF 29.95$,OR BETTER YET GO TO THE LIBRARY AND TELL THEM TO BUY IT.HA! JUST KIDDING, SIMPS.FRONZ/22/2/07REMEMBER SMOKEM IF YOU GOT EM.

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