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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

looking for something?

Hello, perimeter prosecutors,are you looking for something?Well you've found it.I will give you directions, to finding what this nagging question,you have, is located.First, of course ,I've got to give you the assembly of reality,that will confirm the location ,thus your journey will be quicker and understandable.First, like Dorothy in wizard of Oz ,we have to find ,[Mr, know it all],this entity is known around the world by many different names ,few have actually seen him, a few have purported to have spoken to this individual,not so much in recent history,it seems that this entity has left us ,for the time being.Yet most people believe that he ,she or it, does exist,the accumulated conformation of millions of people,leaves something to be said for the existence of this force.The problem is,most people only try and asses this force when they are in troubled times,when they should be in close contact at all times,children are usually in touch,animals are to,they seem to recognize the force because they don't question it,it's just there.When we see our religious leaders, on media ,they seem to be looking towards the cosmos,and this is where most people look, or think this entity lives,up on a cloud ,or maybe some other planet,and he visits this area every millenia or so.Yes i know your not stupid you have gone ahead and you know where he lives now? right?Well lets put it this way, for this force to work ,it has to be located in the very building blocks of life, and reality itself,not floating on some far of gaseous cloud.Built into you is all you need to asses this force,but you don't want to use the keys that would give you the ability to feel the force,you are concentrating on what your payoff is.Well there is no payoff,there is only your reaction, to the assemblage of reality, you have been assigned ,the reaction of most people is to grab and hold as much as they can,i think you get the scenario?In the last entry to this blog i had mentioned that i assumed that there is more negative force than positive,both forces in constant turmoil,but stable enough to assemble,reality as we know it.Just look at where we found one of the greatest reactions known to us,nuclear force,why it was in the tiniest place,waiting to be released.Well OPPENHEIMER,the physicist that assembled the theory of nuclear reaction,believed he had found something that didn't belong to us,that it was ,belonging to a higher power, and it so overwhelmed him ,that he spent the rest of his life ,trying to give some meaning ,if not to himself ,but to man ,of what his research had uncovered.The truth of the matter, is that it doesn't belong to us, in fact nothing truly belongs to us,except your reactions, to what has been given to you.SHURE we think we've come up with our own personal creations,the language that is letting me transpire this thought process to you,man could say is his own,but you all know that the language itself is assembled not from us ,but from our interpretations,of all around us.When the energy that it takes to assemble,your reality is called back ,and it has to go back otherwise,you cannot complete the reactionary forces needed to assemble you,at that point the battle of positive and negative ,leave ,and the force of pure constant,reality assembly ,takes over and you find your ticket to the show behind the scene,this scenario was always flashing before you all the time, but you refused to actually give into it,or see it.Seek and you shall find,look inward here we will find the answer to all our questions,it takes time ,but it's a cumulative thing,and must be checked on a regular basis,any questions?feb18/07 FRONZ[FEEDBACK PLEASE]

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