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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Boys Story , Any Comments ?

Perimeter POLICIES , History is just that , History . But the only ones allowed to genuinely repeat it aren't the winners of wars ,, but like seniority , the ones that hold the most of History , are capable of telling it genuinely . Because , of the accumulation of what History holds .

The bells rang all over Venice , the news traveling faster than it's makers .

Marco and his father were returning , the tales we'll hear,  and the exotic lands we'll vision .

Castles that sprawled like cities , with thousands of workers , deserts with no sand and bitter winds.

Marco told me once, that his father told him , " the secret of our success " .

He said his father asked him , as they crossed a desert on camels .

Marco , do you know why we get to do , go where we go, and live like we do ?

It's because , the people of Venice , and of the Italian peninsula are ,

" Only Happy When Everyone Else Is Happy "

I will never forget those words from " Marco Polo "

Gianfranco Fronzi . August / 29 / 2012

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