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Monday, August 13, 2012

Letter to reefergladness , JFK VIDEO ARCHIVIST

Hello reefergladness , G. Fronzi here , i see you've got a good collection of JFK videos . I too don't believe in Oswald the lone gunman . I remember that day clearly , as if it is happening now, i was in grade 3 , the school principal opened the door and said , everyone pray , president Kennedy was killed . That sealed it forever , in my mind , as a child . But my first reaction was to check what my heart , as boy , and it's asked me a question , why would anyone want to kill a man like president Kennedy ? Everybody loved him . That's when America died for me , dorothy wasn't going to find the wizard , and the good get removed , and the devious win .You don't forget a feeling like that . See you later bro . Gianfranco Fronzi .

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