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Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Other Real Meat

Perimeter Posthumous , if life is a learning experience , could i share a view ?
This view , don't mistake as an excuse for anything , but it lends itself to the learning process .
My office , where i'm penning these words , is a complete mess .
I attribute the mess to an ongoing set of probabilities , such as , how long it takes for a legal document to go from one side of the room to the other . This information alone expounds into many other adaptations , like , how long will a long gone , glass of soda , take to spill on my onscreen keyboard ? This information alone could answer many questions .
Being aware of important events like these is the real relativity .
By relating what some might say is disorderly , to finding knowledge in an old piece of candy , or a handful of magnets . This my friends is where you really learn , the human experience is hardly noticeable , when your looking at the forces that can shape and change humanity .
" I write because i am " , and , " I am because i write " .
Arrivederci baby .

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