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Monday, August 27, 2012

A photon , a love story .

Perimeter pkg. , Recently I've noticed that humanity still doesn't have a clue of what light or accumulation of photons really is . I will supply pictures with explanation .

They say photons are two types of transfer of , electromagnetic radiation , that they behave as both wave and a particle . The duality factor is only lacking the mechanism that would show as these confusing results .
The  first picture above was taken by my android phone it is the reflection of my ceiling light in a flat screen color charged filter . You will notice a phenomena seen over and over again , lets look at more the rest of the photos show a disk type form with either a cross or centre force field , if you see daddies pictures wouldn't daddies shape and properties be the same for it's smaller emissions , the photons ?
 The photon to have no solid base isn't correct yet it crosses millions of miles of space without disturbing  it .
 YES" THE PHOTON IS A TOROID" , A ring of energy heading for it's first encounter with mass , and releasing heat and color on impact , and if not a concentrated group , no real damage on impact.
 A dolphin playing with toroidal air rings taught me that on YouTube.

Gianfranco Fronzi . august  /27 /2012

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