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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Decay indicator real time answers

Perimeter pulpits , If you feel that the community you live in isn't cool , here's an indication tool .

 If the community you reside still rings their church bells , your in a better   community than you think . For one , it says the churches still feel to be part of the community , and have no reserve .
 Also the sound of the bells unite and comfort , the people that hear their loud  resonance .

If in your community they don't ring their bells , and you rarely see the clergy , your in a free for all battleground , of silence , deception , and fear .

 Whether you realize it or not the  more impersonal a community becomes , by not feeling comfortable with each other , the more uncomfortable life becomes . Now care is metered out , instead of given freely, if at all . Therefore crime and disruption , are alternatives to a  helping hand , and usually this type of help isn't the expensive kind , maybe a meal , or a job .

Ring those bells , don't hide religion isn't a sin and you don't have to practice it to not find comfort from bells on a dark dreary winter night .
Arrivederci brothers and sisters .

Gianfranco Fronzi . August / 22 / 2012

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