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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Catch My Fall

Perimeter press . whenever a fall occurs , any fall , from a building , from life , an aircraft , a ladder . There is a few seconds when if you think quickly , you can save yourself . Say your ladder slips out from under you , if your quick you could , grab the closest stable place , say the rain gutter , or you could contort your body to create an energy conversion , known as" breaking your fall" .

When you apply ," breaking your fall" in life , you've got to first know your falling .

If you think something is cheap fun , and it's too good , well we blind ourselves to the impending fall . Their is no cheap fun , usually it's a trap to take everything from you, causing a fall .

So where is the fall breaker ? Just as you contort or change direction of energy , in a physical fall , you've got to contort your life to grab escape from full impact .

Let's say your into an expensive gambling addiction . You've got to find the rooting factor of the addiction , in gambling , it's not the gain of money that's the problem , it's the pleasure of losing money . From this angle some possible fall breakers can be applied .

You can attain your pleasure of losing from cheaper alternatives , from giving it away to investors , or organizations that are financially in interest to succeed . Then you might lose, but a collective loss has occurred , better than losing alone , but since the money handler also falls , your chances for return are spread out , and a fall can be broken .

Dig it ? Stop looking at the pretty tree and see it's the roots than run the show .

Arrivederci baby .

Gianfranco Fronzi . August / 2 / 12

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