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Thursday, September 20, 2012

"KOKO NOMINATION "As long As , referable comments

Perimeter pancakes . As humanity , has to, intoxicate  Itself , eat from the results of death  , follows it's basic instincts .
  We definitely can't refer ourselves as " Homo Sapience ".

Sapience is jumping the gun when defining humans.

Sapience , is born with, logic , truth and resourceful enough to know that digestion is one of our portals to death , to eliminate it , with the flavor enjoyment addiction , is pretty tough ,but , very sapient .
A lot of trash goes  down our throat , but the heavy stuff doesn't leave once  absorbed . this is the plug.
To a death .
 They say Yogis in India remove their colons to wash them by hand ,with fresh water , and then replaces it back into his body .
Purified head to toe .

This is why since we're no different than other hominids , " I am nominating ,   "Koko"     the talking gorilla as first ,
"World community Leader"
It's not as stupid as it sounds isn't it ?
We should question that deeply .

Gianfranco Fronzi . September / 19 /2012

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