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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

THICK AIR Free Electricity

 Perimeter PERHAPS , Air can't penetrate steel . Therefore in it's natural state steel is molecularly  denser . But when air is compressed it gets pretty hard . This relates to dynamics and approach speed.
So when we compress electricity it does the work we want , gives heat and light. When we change the timing of electric energy we can run different motors , simply by it's passing pulse . Yet when we try to compress the pulse we fry the tool . If the pulse instead was released it would have to find it's own path usually it goes to Earth , some does go into the thin air . These pulses combine to form a large background energy field , to tune into it much like radio tunes into a station , is the key to 
" Free Energy ".
Tesla's tower looked like a mushroom , a ball on top of a tower , but if you look at the ball you will see it is studded with similar baby towers . These are to capture the full range of roving energy , thus collecting all frequencies . This would then be grounded to earth , and what we can only use is what passes by our line to the ground . Alright ?
So throw away your electric bill , because the energy from the sun and cosmos is also in this package . I am willing to offer this package for 10 cents every day for the rest of my life . Excluding  the time i take showers .
Arrivederci Baby .
Gianfranco Fronzi . September / 12 /2012

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