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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pyramid construction details new discovery , comments

Perimeter persona , I'm going to finally put the capstone on the pyramid enigma .
The answers were found in the oddest of places , and are final .
I'm sure with the right conditions , i could build a pyramid , the great ones size , within two years . Using modern machinery . The only drawback would be finding the right team leaders .
O.k. you yell, " The Egyptians Didn't Have Modern Machinery !

This is where the secret of the construction is hidden , when you see it , you'll know .

 All you have to do is ask yourself ,

"What was the difference in the world , in Ancient Egypt , and Now ?

"Nothing ".
Therefore , the Egyptians had just as much of a chance of doing anything long ago , as we do here and now .
We can't take any possibilities as not possible .

  What we fail to see is the point at which the art of creating with stone , had died .
If you look around you'll see , that great buildings and art were built in most of history , from Egyptian all the way to the final stroke .
   "The Dark Ages ", yes the Church destroyed everything , even the techniques . Look at ancient stonework and compare it to Dark Age Castles ,we lost and went backwards .

And addendum , " i believe the " Sphinx " is hollow , with an entrance at the bottom back of the neck . I'm sure the modern Egyptians are holding back.

Arrivederci Baby.
Gianfranco Fronzi . Sept. /22 /2012

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