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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Life tactic comments addendum

Perimeter preaches .

Here's a Survival Tactic that can possibly relieve you ?

"What you don't hear , means nothing ."

Gianfranco Fronzi . September / 27 / 2012


Denita Ocasio said...

This is a good posting, I was wondering if I could use this write-up on my website, I will link it back to your website though.


Gianfranco Fronzi said...

gurjeet , i have no problem with spreading my drivel , but what's your angle , where do you gain and control ? Permission upon approval .

Merlene Akin said...

The articles you have on your website are always so enjoyable to read. Good work and I will be returning often.

Gianfranco Fronzi said...

Thank You ,Merlene , i appreciate the compliment . You know Merlene , my reaction is to a sense of duty . And if i'm doing something good then i'm happy . Comments like yours tell me i'm making sense . Otherwise how would i know .
Gianfranco Fronzi . November /3/ 2012

Arturo said...

Hola Fronzi, The always insightful Sault boy. Your observations and comments are enlightening, powerful at times and always enjoyable to read. All the best amigo.

Gianfranco Fronzi said...

Thanks Arturo .