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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Perimeter posthumous , "And the Truth Will Set you back three easy installments of 29.95 ".
Pay , if Jesus said it in this fashion , the modern world would understand it better . Wouldn't it ?
It seems like we've missed the nail again , we've all run to the trough of truth and found it's infected , that even something that should be free has more value when not used . So follow the buck , where it stops is within your life is where your problem hides . Be it sex , drugs , or pain , that's what you've got to harness .
How bought this , if you chip at your truth , you can possibly live with dignity for less ?
Everybody wants their version of the truth , but it only comes in one steadfast form , unmistakable.
Unchangeable and sometimes very personal , and imprisoning . To live by it personally , is freedom.
Shag the truth , set it free . Do you think I'm lying?
Arrivederci baby .

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