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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

an ounce of prevention

Hello, perimeter place mats,every day we get an example of how mankind wants to harness evolution,for example,one day I'm walking in the forest with my shotgun in hand,looking for game,to put on the table,the next day I'm directly connected with some big city gang war,and might as well be carrying an automatic weapon.This is just one example of what is called preventative measures,well heck, who knows i might just loose it ,and spray a MacDonald's with buck shoot.Legislation in the wrong hands can become a sickening joke,all at our expense of course.If i needed advice on how to prevent robberies,i would seek out a thief ,to get his perspective,if i wanted to frame a house,i would seek out a carpenter,and so on.But if i wanted democracy,a fair governing body,and rational legislation,would my first choice be a lawyer?How did man make it this far, without all these twentieth century restraints?What was daily life one day,is a crime the next,come on lets get with the program,live and let live,or in this ever changing world in which we live in,makes you give it a try,to live and let die.[P.McARTNEY]We are judged before the crime occurs,and if somehow you get caught up in a situation that is of question ,you will fall into a niche that will judge you as guilty, on mere assumption.Feast while you can ,you the younger generation,because dark day's could lay ahead,you will inherit the brunt of preventative legislation.FRONZ/JAN/31 /07

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