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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Monday, January 15, 2007


Hello,perimeter patch holders,fronz here,there is a problem ,amongst the most interesting species on the planet,homo sapians.It's called EGO,ego is every persons need to assert it's own agenda,this emotion or instinct,is a survival device, that ,at this point in our development, is not as required as when,survival was harder.AT this point a more common ego,should be more permeated through mankind,together[ there are no problems only solutions],JOHN LENNON,MR LENNON WAS A PERSON that ,actually made a difference in this world,he was a revolutionary musician,but he used his fame,which made him untouchable,and also caused his death,to change the way a whole generation looked at life,his death robbed us of a character,that was restless, when it came to the subject of humanity.His main ideals involved,love, freedom and the binding of humanity as one sentient ,and functioning,entity that could work together to solve all problems,even if governments failed to solve them.He was a true visionary,you who are too young to remember him,might not see this,but before the BEATLES and the ENGLISH musical revolution,the world was a different place,study it if you need more info.Well MR. LENNON'S main credo was a discarding of ego,and intrusive governing,and each person being the best they could be ,to another person,with this ,he felt all problems could be overcome.This credo is not unique,most of the religious visionaries had the same message,but it just didn't seem to go past lip service,man continued, and still does today,forget, or ignore the message.When all along this message is the only thing that has kept us civil to each other,no not laws ,but the message.We who believe in the message ,must practice it to the point of discarding our ego, and living on faith,you will be surprised at what happens.I can't say I'm perfect,either but,i always give my fellow man a chance,sometimes i loose,but you would be surprised at how many times ,people see it in me ,and work to create a common good.Evil will always support evil,but righteousness always leaves a better feeling, and outcome.GOD BLESS US ALL.FRONZ JAN/15/07

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